Could Handheld Game Consoles Become Obsolete?

It seems that every three months a new tablet hits the shelves superior to the one before it. With ever increasing technologies for mobile devices, why would anyone consider owning a handheld gaming console? As support for tablets increase by game producers, more and more titles for
gaming are becoming available for download. Given the amount of power and popularity tablets have gained, they can be considered superior in every sense of the word to handheld gaming systems.

1. Cost

For the most part, you can easily get a tablet and quite a bit of gear for it for the same cost as some of the popular handheld units on the market. As you can get thousands of free apps and games for the tablet, you’re already saving money.


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2. Screen Size

A 7-inch display compared to a three or 4-inch one can make a huge difference in game play. As the resolution on tablets is better that many popular handheld devices, even the graphics are smoother and more detailed.

3. Versatility

With a touch of the screen, a tablet can go from playing a game to printing out an office document you need for work or school, and then back to the game in a seamless transaction of finger movements. You can simply do more on a tablet than just play games.

4. Selection

There are literally hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from for tablet devices. Games, books, movies, database programs, musical instruments, and far more are waiting for you to download them. How many consoles can tell you what star you’re pointing your device at in the sky?

5. Nothing to Lose

How many of you have lost your favorite game for your handheld console? As your apps and games are downloaded and installed directly to the tablet, there is nothing for you to lose. No CD keys to worry about and no game disks to be scratched to the point of being

6. HD Recording and Playback

How many handheld consoles feature a 5MP HD camera that can record in 1080p? What about hooking your tablet into the HDMI port on your supported television and watching what you just recorded? While the HDMI is connected, let’s switch from the movie and play a game on the television through our tablet. With the HDMI connection, everything you can do on your tablet becomes available on any TV or projector that supports HDMI connections.

7. 3G & 4G Networking

Some brands of tablets have access to 3G networks and cost less than most handheld consoles. However, some of the larger 4G tablets could cost quite a bit more. That’s a small price to pay for high-speed data networking for your tablet. How many tablets can
make a phone call using that 3G network like the Galaxy Tab 2 can?

There are going to be hard-core game console enthusiasts that are no doubt going to be on the opposite side of this. Every community has them regardless if the product is worthy of their loyalty or not. While it does boil down to personal preference, it’s hard to argue with statistical information.


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