Most Popular Android Application You Should be Familiar With

Out of all the thousand and one android application in the android market there are some popular android applications that you’ll always find in the android device of any android mobile users, no matter what, the reason for them having these applications on their phone are best known to them. It might be because of the popularity of the application or, for a benefit they derived using the android application, whichever their reasons are for using those applications, there is on true fact about life and that’s, people love to associate their self to things that are trending most in the society and that’s why I have come to share with you the list of the most popular application that are widely used in the society.


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Do you love to keep records of all activities that happen around you or are you a writer, student or a blogger that will love to keep note of all ideas that comes across your mind? Then, the android application evernote is the best for you. This android application helps in taking jolt of all the idea you’d love to keep in your jolter. The application is just like an electronic jolter on your mobile phone that does the job of the traditional jolter but in a better form. With this android application on your mobile device, you gain the chance to have all your idea jolted down on your mobile phone.

Another thing you’ll love to know about the application is that, not only that it’s a free application, the application still has an avenue for you to make a voice recording, pictures as a note to keep and that will definitely ease you away from the stress of typing.

Angry bird

This is an android application that takes over the whole city of USA with its popularity. Nearly all users of an android device in the USA have this application on their mobile phone and this was as a result of the application being a game application that’s recorded to be very, very addictive. The application works by you controlling a bird that’s angry and as a result destroys cities by hanging herself onto a slingshot which you the player of the game drag the slingshot back as you can in the direction that will have to destroy something ahead of the bird.

The one thing that looks very funny about this game application is that, the birds is build to have a big head that does not give chance for you to see if the bird is got body or not (because of the big head) and despite the amount of time that you hit the head of the bird to a structure, have not seen the bird blood split out of the birds head.

Merriam Webster dictionary

This is another application that you’re likely to find in the android phone of any one, this application, as its name implies is a dictionary application that gives meaning to any difficult words you might run across, one thing that make this application interesting and flexible to use is that you can verbally look for the meaning of any difficult words that you’re looking for by talking to your mobile phone directly, and in a short while, you get the meaning of the word, that’s a way to guide the misspell of a word.


With the influence of the most popular online encyclopedia, the “Wikipedia” the mobile version (wikidroid) gain the chance to be part of the most popular android application that’s being used by most android users. This application works just like an online wizard, it answer to any question that you might love to inquire all about and not only that but in details by giving the origin of such words and data of the words till date.


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