Managing your phone efficiently with Apowersoft Phone Manager

Apowersoft Phone Manager is an attractive and effective application for smartphone management. It permits you to effectively sync data from your phone or tablet to a PC in a proper and secure way.In truth, the vast majority of Apowersoft Phone Manager’s features can be performed either through File Manager or iTunes. However, for less experienced users, this visuallyinteractive tool gives a more appealing and user friendly access into your phone’s memory.

Perhaps the biggest problem with Apowersoft Phone Manager is its setup process. Once you have installed the tool, you must make sure to sync the application with any devices you need to use with either over USB or Wi-Fi. Not an issue for more tech savvy users, but the less experienced may find it to be quite difficult.


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Indeed once synced for the first time use, the difficulties become two fold, as you have to check, recheck and verify all the settings and options again and again – not exactly the connect-and-play experiencethat one can expect from such a tool.

When it is started up and synced, this application gives an incredible user experience to the less technology savvy users. Including a header bar filled with effectively usable quick select icons, and a very useful sidebar that permits you see to more advanced options/folders, this tool has proven itself to be quite useful.
The top level options let you effectively access your device’s folders, various media files, and features. These tabs incorporate My Phone, Pictures, Music, Videos, Contacts, Notes, Apps, Messages, Files, Books and Tools. All of these give you the ability to sync data from your device to PC, or from PC to device. It even permits you to send messages from your computer just like you usually do from your phone.

This makes the procedure of transferring movies you need to watch or downloading selfies to your computer far simpler – an ability that will be particularly useful for regular selfie clickers who are not fond of cloud storage services due to lack of Wi-Fi connections. In spite of the fact that larger files can be difficult to sync, the toolis much faster than any other wireless data transfer options.

A move down and restore option is also available, permitting you to make a backup of your phone to be recovered if you ever have an issue. This is maybe the greatest advantage for Android users who like to change different settings, allowing them to experiment much more freely with their devices.

Despite the fact that many people had issues syncing their phones with Apowersoft Phone Manager,the difficulty should not discourage you in any way. This is particularly true if you are an Android user tired of trying to find files hidden in folders and subfolders,because once you start it up, it proves itself to be an attractive and quite simple program that will permit you to effortlessly manage your device.


  • A pleasant visual interface to manage your device
  • Loads of decently sorted out options
  • Useful tools


  • Quite difficult to set up, Syncing loads of data does require significant investment of time

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