Spain’s Economic Outlook: A Guide for Aspiring Traders

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Overview of the Spanish Economy

The GDP of Spain was $2.8 trillion in 2012, making it the third-largest economy in Europe. Around 18% of the Spanish economy is made up of agriculture and industry, which are fueled by fossil fuels including coal, gas, and oil. The remaining 82% is made up of the services industry. Spain’s economy has been turbulent at times recently as a result of a high unemployment rate, slow growth rates, and a banking crisis, but it is now one of the most prosperous in all of Europe. With two-thirds of the world’s supply of olives produced by rain-fed orchards, Madrid is one of the world’s major steel makers thanks to its abundant coal reserves, and the offshore wind energy sector in Spain is among the most promising on the planet. Here are some other details concerning the Spanish economy that you should be aware of:

Spain’s economy is diverse and export-oriented.s

One of the most varied economies in Europe is Spain’s, which combines both industries and services to form the country’s overall economy. Construction and metalworking are two prominent export-focused industries in the nation. Nonetheless, just roughly 18% of the nation’s GDP is still accounted for by these industries. Food and drink are major imports, as well as equipment and electronics. Spain is a significant merchandise importer. A third of all Spanish exports go to the nation, making it a significant commercial partner in the EU.

One of the major economies in the eurozone is Spain.

Spain, along with France, Germany, and Italy, is one of the four “big three” economies in the eurozone, according to financial experts and a CFD trading service in Spain. The European Union, which has been in existence since 1999 and to which Spain was admitted in 2004, has a significant impact on the economy of the nation. Due to a high unemployment rate, slow economic growth, and a banking crisis, the nation has gone through times of economic upheaval recently, but it is now one of Europe’s most successful economies.


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Also, Spain has a high nominal wage rate.

After Germany and France, Spain had the third-highest nominal wage rate in the European Union (EU) in 2011. As a result, around one-fifth of Spanish workers make more money than the median income for the nation. The fact that this rate is among the highest in the EU indicates that a sizable portion of the populace can support a high level of living. The high nominal wage rate is mostly a result of Spain’s aging population and rapid productivity growth. Between 1991 and 2011, productivity increased by an average of 2.6% as opposed to 1.6% across the EU. Just 1.3% more persons were employed in Spain throughout this time.

Spain’s manufacturing industry contributes more than a fifth of the country’s output.

Spain’s service-based economy is heavily reliant on foreign trade. Tourism, food and beverage, and construction make up its main industries. Moreover, Spain’s manufacturing industry employs nearly a quarter of the workforce and contributes 24% of the nation’s GDP. Manufacturing is concentrated in the north of the nation because it has access to cheap, inefficient union labor from the European Union (EU). Early in the 1980s, as Spain began to transition to a market economy, the government encouraged the growth of its industrial resources. This resulted in the growth of huge, state-owned businesses that are today referred to as “national champions.” The majority of these businesses are currently state-run, but a small number of private businesses are also engaged in the Spanish industry. Some Spanish companies, like Daewoo, VW, MAN, and Siemens, are renowned for producing high-quality work.


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